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The Tanzania Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (TANGO) is a voluntary membership Non-Governmental Organization that was established in 1988 by 22 founder-member organizations. The organization is committed to promoting the wellbeing of its constituency by acting as a unifying organ of its members and mandated representative in advocating for transformation for the common good.

TANGO envisions a strong and vibrant society in Tanzania where NGOs are taking an active and effective role in promoting people-centered development. TANGO seeks to participate in advancing development initiatives that are based on the values of justice, peace, good governance, human rights, gender equality and equity, and sustainable human development.

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Our Mission

To facilitate qualitative and quantitative growth of the NGO sector through, Lobbying and advocating, capacity development, Partnership and coalition building, and Information sharing with and for member organizations bad other civil society organizations

Our Vision

A strong vibrant society in which civil society plays an effective role in ensuring sustainable people centred development based on the values of Justice, Peace, Gender equality arid equity, good governance and Respect of human rights.

Core values

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Respect of Human rights and justice
  • Gender equality and equity


To contribute to the improved performance of the NGO sector and related institutions through capacity building, coordination of its members, and by acting as a resource hub for information and skills exchange.

In order to implement its mission, TANGO has identified five main functions that they believe will enable them to become a strong and vibrant organization:

  • Coordination of member and partner NGOs in Tanzania that aims at minimizing duplication and promoting quality standards for NGOs.
  • Representation of member organizations allows TANGO to express collective consensus of member organizations to others.
  • Serving as a platform for information exchange will provide member organizations easier access to relevant information.
  • Building the organizational capacity of its member organizations so as to provide services in a more efficient and effective way.
  • Performing lobbying and advocacy activities to create a conducive environment for the NGO sector, and promote important policy issues.
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