What We Do

TANGO’s mandate was given by its members and is stated as to coordinate, represent, inform and build their capacity. TANGO recognises the presence of other national, regional and local level NGO networks (both thematic and generic) some of which are its members and others its collaborators.  The organization remains to be the longest standing umbrella organization whose leadership role in some developmental and advocacy issues is recognised.  The organization’s key functions are:-

  • CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME: Capacity of member organizations and networks in organizational development (OD), networking, policy analysis and engagement skills enhanced at all levels.
  • POLICY ENGAGEMENT AND ADVOCACY PROGRAMME : Public participation, analysis and advocacy in pro-poor development policies, strategies and programmes enhanced.
  • INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION PROGRAMME : TANGO members and the general public are well informed and knowledgeable about development policies and strategies and the implementation outcomes.
  • MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT PROGRAMME: Institutional capacity of TANGO secretariat to fulfill its mandate is enhanced and sustained